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What We Do

Saleteams provides world class, flexible and fully integrated business software, services and support that will help you maximize your company’s growth and success with reduced cost, better connection with customers, meeting industry-specific requirements and making more profitable business decisions. We work with partners and arm them with products self sufficient in driving increased sales in the targeted market. By the use of Saleteams business solutions we let you readily adapt the most modern state of technology according to changing business needs with powerful customization features designed to add value to your business and elevate your business potential.

CRM Solution

Saleteams® CRM offers complete, customized and integrated CRM solution that delivers a seamless customer experience across sales management, marketing automation and customer service by combining them with various back office functions, according to your unique needs, into automated workflows that - saves time, energy and cost.

ERP Solution

Saleteams ERP provides you integrated enterprise applications for your company’s core business processes. It automates several back office functions like procurement, manufacturing, service, sales, finance and HR to help you focus on improving effectiveness and competitiveness of the company.

HR Portal

Streamline the administrative and HR Functions from recruitment to termination - A significant portion of the time spent on performing these routine tasks can be significantly reduced by using structured automated procedures and self-service. Saleteams H.R portal automates time sheet, organizational forms, Proper Reporting, Setup Reminders and many more.

Custom Programming

Your Business need custom software over a packaged one because it saves you the trouble of compromising on functionality. The bigger challenge however lies in choosing a custom software development company. You need to choose a company that will work with you the way you want; can handle projects of any size; and is not willing to trade quality for costs or time.

What Clients Say About Us

  1. "Since our business growth was significant we decided to automate all the companies under this group. At an initial stage we automated the trading sector and so far it's implementing well, our sales team is well aligned and quite comfortable in using the CRM - We would certainly implement saleteams CRM in all companies under the group."
  1. "We are in a manpower outsourcing business and we were having numerous issues in terms of time sheets, leave application forms and other HR processes. That time we consulted saleteams partner in Saudi Arabia and decided to use their HR portal. It's been 2 years all our time sheets are automated, all are processes are on one click. We really recommend saleteams HR portal."
  1. "Our hospital was having an old procedure of customer first opening a file then that File goes to the Dr. Then the manual prescription goes to the pharmacy - we never needed a hospital management system until our record room caught a fire. Saleteams Hospital Management System has helped us in working without a hassle, even our patients find it more appropriate then before. We strongly recommend Saleteams inc."
  1. "Real estate is at a boom in the capital of Riyadh and here I came up with this idea of opening an online real estate where buyer and seller meet and a deal is made, however a system was required to put the plan into action. I contacted a local company here who were the partners for Saleteams in Saudi Arabia and surprisingly they made my application in just 22 days, I really recommend Saleteams services."