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Saleteams® offers complete, customized and integrated Customized Relationship Management solution that delivers a seamless customer experience across sales management, marketing automation and customer service by combining them with various back office functions, according to your requirements into automated workflows that - saves time, energy and cost. Saleteams® CRM Services in Saudi Arabia facilitates a positive user experience by letting you manage the entire customer lifecycle from initial lead capturing to final invoice that provides control over sales processes, with more accurate and reliable analytics that – gives you greater insight into your sales pipeline, performance and forecasting. It is more than just a CRM system - Learn how you can simplify your life with Saleteams® CRM.

Reasons Why CRM System is Valuable to You

  • Allows You To Register Contacts And Leads
  • Can Track All Customer Attraction
  • Reveals Possibilities
  • Makes Your Most Important Asset – Customer Data- In Your Records


Sales – Grow deals faster, Sell smarter!

Sales is fed nothing less than the best leads - Saleteams Customized Relationship Management automates the entire process enabling the sales team to manage the worldwide contacts and leads more effectively. It provides most relevant information, real time insight into pipeline opportunities and an efficient avenue for managing sales rep on the go to turn a lead into a project, an invoice and many more. Saleteams provides a clear overview of all aspects of customer relationship by sales process automation at each customer touch point that helps building better and deeper relationship by enabling your entire team to collaborate and with reduced cost and increased profitability continuously deliver best outcomes for your customers.


Sell Anywhere, bring your sale wireless – Empower your workforce with mobility anytime, anywhere they go by giving access to all the information they need on their mobile devices so they can view real time updates on most current customer information and easily search the key accounts to send emails/make phone calls and manage tasks, calendar appointments, sales opportunities and customer services cases with just one touch screen on the go.

Social Selling, tap the power of social media – Gain faster, deeper and more accurate insights and track key selling opportunities across social sites and respond directly from your CRM system quickly to the right people at the right time.

Sales Analytics, arm to sell smarter – Saleteams lets you optimize productivity by its customizable dashboards, in depth metrics and reports providing you clear visibility into your business, helping you make informed decisions, improve processes, resolve potential issues, manage account activity, evaluate rep performance and leverage opportunities.

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Marketing – Manage Campaigns, Improve Customer Relationship And Make Decisive Actions!

Delivering right message to the right person at the right time requires the ability to collect data quickly and gain insight by identifying key segments of targets and prospects. Saleteams CRM Services in Saudi Arabia enables you to create a fully automated marketing process by providing you the information you need to drive more personalized marketing and lets you align your marketing campaigns/programs with your sales teams with low efforts by targeting the right customers with aggregated marketing data and simplifies and streamlines your customer relationship management.


Capture Leads, track and score- Manage your campaigns by targeting specific leads and filtered customer data to direct and focus your marketing efforts on the best prospects to fill your sales funnel with targeted customers to optimize your sales pipeline and boost ROI.

Social Marketing, promote online – Saleteams enables you to incorporate social promotions across twitter, facebook and youtube and lets you track the global sentiments on affectivity of your brand on social media.

Email Marketing, automate campaigning – Saleteams email marketing engine helps you manage complex contact list and perform multi-phased email campaigns so you can always stay on your customers mind and nurture relationships over extended period of time.

Marketing Analytics, monitor key metrics – with Saleteams get a clear overview of campaign performance by creating in depth marketing dashboards, metrics and reports to monitor marketing investment and return.

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Customer Service – The Customer is Always Right!

A modern and integrated customer service requires smart workflows, short resolution time, inbound automation, monitoring and measuring service performance in real time to improve and boost customer satisfaction by providing personalized, customized and relevant service.


Customize - Saleteams CRM enables you to customize everything, lets you personalize, modify, add/remove fields and turn on/off whole modules according to your business needs, a truly flexible CRM that wraps around your business requirements.

Ensuring Customer Care - Saleteams CRM lets you make sure that the customer is always looked after by bringing the customer support at every department and location providing you the facility to view the entire customer history on one screen and capture every customer request via email, web forums and live support and manage each case with custom priority levels.

Lets You Know - Saleteams CRM lets you Know your client by rapid customer insight and real- time engagement that helps empower your agents to better understand and meet customer’s needs and provide most relevant, personalized, easily delivered, fast and amazing customer service.

Empowering test- Saleteams CRM solution empowers every customer to get quick answers to their queries by rapidly connecting the right person with right knowledge at the right time and serve the customers more efficiently via self-service content, online chat, click-to-call and deliver smarter service by providing accurate, user-ranked content across your knowledge base as well as virtual assistance.

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