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n today’s highly organized universal business environment, managers, employees and HR professionals need flawless personalized access to communication, collaboration and information tools. Doing all the stuff manually was the old technique, but now, as technology is getting updated, all the things are getting automated. So, there should be some tool or software for seamless personalized access. Saleteams observed that enterprises are facing difficulties in managing it. So we come up with a new idea that is to design a software HR Portal, in which you guys can record all the stuff related to HR management and we succeeded in it. This HR Portal as per Saudi Labor Law has some extraordinary features that will help you in handling or managing HR matters easily just on few clicks.

It’s highly effective for companies who operate their business on large scale as well as small scale . Our hr software is now becoming the most deployed consumer grade solution all over the world. So contact us and improve your organization’s efficiency. Read success story.


Time Tracker System

Saleteams® hr management system plays an important role when it comes to aligning proper time-in and proper time-out. This system notes down employee’s working hours, vacation time period, sick leave, overtime and projects. It tracks meeting and presentations activities carried out in particular time interval.

Attendance Management System

HR Portal keeps run-time record of employees as of when they started and finished their work. Saleteams® allows you to configure and customize the employee attendance according to your organization needs. Saleteams® allow you to set working hours of a user, set their half and full day, shifts details. You can also set permissions for attendance reports.

Pay Roll Management System

This payroll software has record of salary, overtime, wages, bonus and deduction of our employees. You can add the allowances/deductions for an employee, set the tax % for employees according to their salary. You can also maintain all the details of employee.

Leave Management System

Calculates vacations, identify its types whether its casual, sick, paternal, maternal, official or a training leave etc. Saleteams® HRMS will give a detailed view of each individual total leaves categories into leave types.

Compensation Management System

Company gives bonus, medical insurance, profit sharing, overtime pay, company’s car and housing to employees but the administrative part is a challenge. Saleteams® offers a perfect hr services that records maintenance for all the benefits and compensation department.

Communication Management System

Communication Management has never been that easy, With Saleteams® HR Portal you can always circulate internal memos. Not only you can send those but can limit those to department wise, individual wise etc. A whole history is being recorded in the system and tells you a read receipt of the memo circulated.